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Super Mario Brothers: For Real
Ever feel like you're watching a game more than you're playing it? Super Mario Brothers: For Real brings back Mario's glory days where Goomba stomping was non-stop by having the player be able to control Mario all the time. Cinematic moments will happen in real time, with the player never losing control of the plumber (unless you jump into a pit!). Plus, Luigi can join in for interactive co-op play.
Super Mario Brothers: For Real's demo has been delayed in order to allow for a timely release of the Super Mario Storm 2 NCFC demo.

Stanley Saga
Ever know Mario had a cousin? No? Well, get ready to meet him on wild and wacky adventure as he proves himself to be just as great a hero as his cousin!
Download the demo here!
Expect to see a brand new smoother redone engine next year, but we had to get something out within short notice.

Super Mario Melatonin 3
Super Mario Melatonin 3 is the official sequel to the controversial Super Mario Melatonin. Originally created for a minigame competition like it's sibling, it never made it on time. Now Tech Wing's very first full Multimedia Fusion 2 minigame is here for a 2007 release!
Download the game here!

Super Mario Storm 2
Welcome to Talon Crossing, a world filled with guys even weirder than Mario's "normal" friends! The sequel to the original Super Mario Storm I, this time Mario faces 8 chapters filled with MFGG members, minigames, and make-what-you-will-with-it plot lines.

The demo jumps ahead to Chapter 4, where Mario finds himself having to defend a certain red duck in court. Here's hoping you're an ace attourney!
Download the demo here!

Thingio Side B: The Grand Illusion
The sequel to Tech Wing's flagship title, Let's Go Thingio!, Thingio Side B has gone under a complete overhaul, and promises to feature much more solid gameplay, a deeper story, and a general higher quality standard, while still including characters from all over the gaming spectrum.
Expect to see ANOTHER overhaul of the game engine to take advantage of the latest in level format technology.

Oh yeah, and the Glory Emblems(3D + symbols) don't really do anything in this demo.
Download the demo here!

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